Title: Young Love Artist: Kip Moore 260,127 plays


Kip Moore | Young Love

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Title: I Ain't Got You Artist: Lauren Jauregui 7,183 plays


left = wkst concert in orlando
right = xfactor audition

Title: Speechless Artist: Lauren Jauregui 4,439 plays

Lauren Jauregui singing Speechless by Lady Gaga [2010]

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Camila dancing to Normani’s version of We found Love [Q&A Toronto] +

Title: lauren singing "e.t." 17,660 plays

Toronto 3.26.14 +

Title: camila singing "your song" 12,566 plays

Toronto 3.26.14 +

Title: Let It Unconditionally Go Artist: Katy Perry Vs Demi lovato 37,767 plays


Let It Unconditionally Go - Katy Perry ft. Demi Lovato

i likeeeee

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if you’re a camren shipper in 2014 you’re gonna have a bad time i mean even if you just like their friendship you’re gonna have a bad time; a masterpost

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Battlefield- Lauren & Camila

This video is very heavily inspired by the spectacular fan fiction titled, We Seemed Like A Good Idea by friendshipmakesmeangry. Which is really amazing and will make you so sad. Hope you enjoy watching as much as I enjoyed making.


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